Ice Yacht



Ice Yacht Design


The objective of this project is to design an ice yacht. We chose to design a high performance one for racing. There are several ice yacht competitions being the DN class the most common. However the designs used for this kind of race haven’t evolved in many years. The DN design appeared in 1937 in a competition held by the Detroit News (DN), and it was always designed as low cost vehicle. Using new materials, semi rigid wings allowing for highly efficient airfoil sections and putting a lot of effort in reducing drag by streamlining the body a much higher performance can be achieved. We intended to design the formula one equivalent of an ice yacht. This combines the capacity to travel at high speed but also allows for a certain amount of manoeuvrability. Due to time constrains I concentrate mainly in the aerodynamic, stability and geometrical aspect of the design and less in the mechanic part.


        -High Performance rigid sail racing ice yacht

        - Crew: 1

        - Four runners, from steering.

        - Wing behind pilot

        - Single Sail

        - 4 Wings

        - 6 meters long

        - Composite frame structure

        - Covered Cockpit

        - Mechanically Controlled

        - Sail: Dyna-wing

        - Pilot on the front

        - Max speed at favorable wind conditions: 240 Kph.


Javier Cuadriello and Severin de Valence

MEng. Aeronautical Engineering.

Imperial College Project

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